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Initial Enquiry

Initial Enquiry is our first point of contact either give us a call or fill in the form on our website and we will be in touch to see what exactly you are looking to create



This is where we really capture what you want to do with the space. we go through everything from: size; style; roof; materials; base and other equipment such as log burners ect.



Once the design has been accepted we will then send you over a free no obligation quote.



Quote agreed.Now manufacturing can start turning your ideas into reality.

Surveyors Equipment

Depending on the project, some we may need to prepare concrete bases or footings for the project to sit and for us to lay slabs on if this is an option you chose.


Delivery + Installation

Home stretch, once your project has been manufactured, groundworks are done we can now deliver your oak and begin the installation.



Once the project has been installed if required this is where would get on with any further landscaping work to really bring out the best in your garden or home.


Completion + Handover

It is now time for you to take ownership of your bespoke oak frame project. We run through what you can do to keep your structure looking its absolute best for years to come. We hope that you enjoy this product for a very long time.

Here at Midlands Oak Framing we believe that the timeless look created from a solid oak frame cannot be replicated and displays mother nature in all its glory. 

Contact Us

The Old Nursery

116 Lichfield Road Sandhills WS9 9PF

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01543 755 245

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